Wherever I may Roam…

Last Saturday afternoon, packing my luggage, I’m feeling really nervous and consciousness strikes for the very first time in months asking a simple question “How are you supposed to survive with close to no money three months in the US and spend half of that time in the most expensive city of the country -aka New York?”. Ok., let’s review the past events before this moment.

Since August, 2013, I have been without an actual job, in the middle I went to Europe, fell in love with Berlin, started thinking of moving to that city while returning to the jobless reality that Argentina had set for me. Summer wasn’t easy, but liberating, started to play a lot more my guitar at bars, (last September I bought a guitar in USA for half the price I would find it in Argentina and we are in love now). On March I joined the Berlin Film Journal as a collaborator, which rocks. From then on I focused on developing a  solid style on my writing, (I mean, this is critical when applying for an opening, right?), and so, the idea of getting a real job as a film journalist/writer was not that far, for once, this would have to become real.

Months went by as hundreds of resumes to newspapers, magazines and marketing agencies but none returned with a positive answer, or any kind of answer for the matter. I met this girl, a journalist from abroad, who recommended me to use LinkedIn, so I started to spend hours and effort on my LinkedIn profile, (awesome, I know), contacting people who would give me a hint, opportunity, or at least… well I didn’t know really, but something that would get me out of bed with the hope that I would get an actual job and stop feeling like I was good for nothing.

So, if Argentina wouldn’t give me a job, I would stop giving Argentina opportunities to waste on me. I signed in on almost every major job search engines on the western world. Big and not so important companies from Europe and the US actually read and where interested on my resume, but the idea of living so far south always ended up with replies like “We love your resume but we decided to go on another direction…”. That meant that I had sacrifice more, and so, if I had to dance with the wolves, I would, but how?

July was kind of depressing, not all related, (and there’s always a girl in the middle), while I was reaching the 1-year without a real job milestone when suddenly and out of nowhere, a colleague from a previous job asked me if I was available to travel to the US on September and October for a two month project. I answered “ahhh… yeah.” From them on I started planning my trip across the US, the adventure and, most importantly, the seek of job opportunities.

So, I was there on that Saturday afternoon, finishing packing, waiting for the cab to go to the airport with my family not knowing that my return ticket was for 2015, and asking myself “How are you supposed to survive with close to no money three months in the US and spend half of that time in the most expensive city of the country -aka New York?”. Well, I still didn’t figured it out yet, but we’ll see.

And so it goes…


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