A clean start

After returning from Berlin almost a year ago I have decided to stop pursuing odd jobs that would not give any good prospect to my career or money to build a life in Buenos Aires, in order to dedicate myself a hundred percent into film journalism and writing. Since 2011 I have been struggling with my first novel, a police story set in Buenos Aires with a theme that nobody had wrote about before, (yeah, I’m not bragging), which I finish in 2013 before going to Europe. Back to Argentina I though that I was going to polish it, re-write and finally edit it, but too little I advanced since then.

For a year I’ve been trying to get a job in my country related to what I want to do but have absolutely zero responses while companies from abroad were really interested on my resume. This is what happens when you don’t have an actual job when 28, you feel like you are good for nothing, the decisions from the last ten years were a complete mistake and you need to decide what to do with a real and solid background to support. But when strangers from the UK, US and Germany tell you that your cv was quite impressive and that is a shame that you are not there to get an actual interview -well… you know you have to decide wether to you keep struggling in a country that doesn’t want you or take arms against a… (must not quote Shakespeare -though I can do it by heart -word). But you get the main idea.

There is a third possibility, to live from place to place, traveling, learning, writing, helping others and getting your paycheck wherever you are. That’s the coolest idea, but also the most difficult, though you will never know how to accomplish it until you try it. So here we go…

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